7 Effective Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Debt like a Plague (That it is)

Debt is anything, can be money, services or even favours that one person or group of people is obligated to give or return to another person/group usually within an agreed time.

Basically speaking, if you make an agreement to give or do something for someone else, you now owe a debt.

As a Nigerian, taking petty debts tend to become a part of our spending routine. …

Every week, we ask one customer about their investment journey, how they approach their personal finance, their relationship with money, how they invest, spend, and save.

The first episode of InveStory focuses on a 22-year-old writer who was a part-time smuggler and a gadget freak.

· Occupation: Writer

· Age: 22

· Location: Abuja

· Salary: N120,000/month

When did you first make money?

Boarding school. In my school, having provisions was prohibited so we had this illegal system where people would smuggle basic stuff like sweets & biscuits and sell it at 6x the price. …

Stockbroking — How does it work?

Like a shawarma stand

Stockbroking which is also known as stock trading is the buying and selling of retail shares of different companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

A stock exchange is a platform where the shares of different companies are listed and traded. The stock exchange in Nigeria is called the (NSE) Nigerian Stock Exchange.

For us to understand stockbroking, we need to look at it from the perspective of the company, the investor and the stockbroker.

As a Company

When organizations offer shares for sale, what they are doing is getting retail…

All over the world on February 14th, couples try to outdo each other with their gifts, plans and most times, though not intentionally, a lot of babies are also made (*mischievously looking at all the November borns).

But we tend to forget that Valentine’s day is not just for romantic couples, it is meant for those you love in any capacity, including platonic friends and family.

Unlike in the past when the most popular valentine gifts were cards, flowers, chocolate and sometimes babies, millennials and gen z have been learning to step up with their valentine presents.

We have seen…

How Safe is Your Money?

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

When people speak about investing, especially on the internet, they tend to make it about extraordinarily large profit margins and overnight dollar millionaires, when, it is far from that in reality. Most investors earn small amounts over time which adds up to form big amounts as the years go by.

Depending on your goals, business awareness and available resources, investing can be as risky as driving blindfolded in Lagos traffic or as safe as living inside Aso Rock.

It all depends on YOU.

When you focus on “making it big” from every investment, you tend…

5 Easy Ways to Invest in Nigeria

For a lot of us, when we hear the word “Investing,” we imagine young men in smart suits sitting around in cubicles, talking loudly on the phone and watching a large timer count down or an old man with protruding belly and layers of folds for a neck saying over the phone, “I just sent you N200 million for my next investment.”

Hollywood movies like the Wolf of Wall Street and Nollywood ones like Abuja Boys didn’t help this stereotype.

We are here to tell you: You don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall Street or the Shark of…

The ability to save is a necessary life skill. Most of the time, we have plans to put some money aside but the bills never stop. They keep flying in from every direction.

You’re always thinking about rent, food, family and even money for visa (In the words of Naira Marley, “Japa Japa”) and before you know it, you forget to keep money aside for the rainy days.

You say to yourself, “It’s only this month, we go again next month!” or “The money I earn isn’t enough to save from.”

Sometimes, you might be right but the truth is…

Achieving financial freedom is a goal everyone wants to achieve. It simply means having enough savings, investments, and cash on hand to afford the Babyboy/Babygirl lifestyle which you desire and equally deserve.

Financial freedom also allows you to retire early or do whatever you want without being driven by the need to make money to survive.

With the right decisions, you can start your gradual journey to financial freedom irrespective of how much you earn. Here are a few tips to help guide you:

Eliminate Personal Debts: Before you start investing, pay off your personal debts. This is the first…

Investing for your future

Mutual Funds — How do they work?

Mutual funds are one of the easiest assets to invest in, but most people do not know how to go about it or what it is even about.

Here’s a simple illustration to help you understand the concept.

Remember those times when you and your friends visited the cinema, and everyone had to join money to afford popcorn and drinks?

Or when you all went to the beach and had to contribute to pay for the uber home?

All these purchases were made possible because everyone involved contributed a certain (usually small) amount…

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