Valentine is Coming…

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3 min readFeb 9, 2021


All over the world on February 14th, couples try to outdo each other with their gifts, plans and most times, though not intentionally, a lot of babies are also made (*mischievously looking at all the November borns).

But we tend to forget that Valentine’s day is not just for romantic couples, it is meant for those you love in any capacity, including platonic friends and family.

Unlike in the past when the most popular valentine gifts were cards, flowers, chocolate and sometimes babies, millennials and gen z have been learning to step up with their valentine presents.

We have seen more thoughtful gifts as the years go by. Gifts that would be appreciated for extended periods, gifts that cannot be consumed immediately, wither after a few days or wake you up in the middle of the night with piercing cries.

So, what would you rather give your loved ones this valentine?

A gift that will be useful just once or a gift that keeps on giving?

Let’s help you make their happiness last longer by getting them something that stands the test of time.

We compiled a list of thoughtful gifts that you can give your loved ones on the 14th of February.

Dollar Investment

Nothing says “I love you” more than a couple of green notes and no, we don’t mean 20 naira notes, but $ $ bills yeah.

No one in Nigeria would not appreciate dollars at this time, everybody (including the president) would be grateful if they got a few extra dollars this Valentine’s.

Do you know what would make this 10 times better?

Gifting them a dollar investment that appreciates with time. The investment will keep reminding them of you long after February 14th has passed. You can start by sending a message here.

Gilt Backed Note

Put a smile on the face of your loved ones this Valentine’s when you give them access to an already funded Gilt Backed Note account.

All they need to do is relax and let the interest accrue as they watch. The thought of it is giving us endorphins. Find out more here.

Smart Investment Account

Protect your loved ones from emergency expenses and unnecessary bank deductions with our Smart Investment Account.

Gift them a smart investment account today and watch them profit more from their savings this year. They get profit on every naira they save.

With us, you are sure to get more on every investment.


In this season of love, one of the things you can gift your loved ones is the ownership of successful Nigerian businesses.

Buy healthy Nigerian shares for them through GDL today and make their valentine’s day a happy one.

Surprise your loved ones with great gifts this Valentine’s.

Contact us for more ideas on how to shock them with love, we are always here for you. 😌

Happy Valentine’s from GDL.



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